Ron Fucking Swanson! 

Came across this today. (Thanks Google Alerts!)

C'mon! Ron Swanson LITERALLY in front of a bacon moon. With Bob Ross style trees, no less.


It's Go Time 

The red light will be coming on in a few minutes as we start making a real, respectable type recording.  As you can see from this recent rehearsal photo, the band is VERY prepared.


This is a test of the Bacon Moon emergency broadcast system.  This is only a tes.. oops!  Oh, damn.

Making Secret Treaties 

Working on the Bacon Moon web site today.  Getting ready to take this rag tag outfit into the studio, hoping to get 4 or 5 songs recorded and ready for release by mid-June.  Rehearsing tonight.  Got a couple more chances to get our shit together.  Tape is rolling on May 14.

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